Lean Management is a holistic approach to improve Processes continuously. We have many years of experience in implementing Lean in organizations to decrease waste (Muda) and increase efficiency in all processes.

Consistent process orientation can dramatically improve sales productivity. Which has been shown by international studies which suggest sales growth rates of 30% on average (Source: Harvard Business Manager, April 2007)

The Stage Gate Process allows you to introduce your products and services faster and more successful to the market. Since the introduction of the Stage Gate Process in the 1980s to introduce your products and services faster and more successful to the market, the world has changed a lot. Therefor progressive companies are developing the "Next Generation Idea-to-Launch Systems".

According to a Harvard Survey a well-trained and motivated sales force can increase turnover by up to 25%!

This Seminar gives you tips on how to master difficult negotiations. Negotiations always follow the same principles, no matter if you negotiate with your partner or with difficult customers. You always try to feel like a winner. It is almost always true that the wishes of one partner do not match the wishes of the other.

The essential drivers of improvement potential are listed in the shape of Ten Commandments; they apply to both product and system selling, and - with certain adaptations - also to industrial plant and OEM businesses.

Implementation and communication of a strategy in the whole company.

The Emotional Lean Optimization Process (ELOP) enables dramatic increases in productivity due to the combination of emotions and analytics.

Obtain optimal prices for customer-optimized offers by means of analytical procedures.

QDF helps you to translate the ‘voice of the customer’ into the quality features of products, processes or services.

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