MCG BigStep®

The BigStep® Method helps to speed up company initiatives (strategies, concepts…) and makes them happen!

BigStep® is appropriate brought in, wherever a significant jolt should go through the company and where many people from different levels and with different skills need to find a joint solution.

BigStep® Benefits

  • Makes your team buy in, into your initiative in one Workshop
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of your initiatives
  • Unleashes the know how of all people involved
  • You will arrive at an execution quotient of measures/projects of ~ 90% within 12 months (vs German Industry standard ~ 35%, )


BigStep® is

  • a team and role based, non-hierarchical method
  • a bottom up approach (vs. top down)
  • a large group intervention workshop for up to 40 people
  • a motivational workshop
  • an intelligent problem-solving-process

The BigStep® Method has 3 Phases

1. Screening

Raising awareness of the main issues related to the problem/initiative in your team (creates group consciousness)

2. BigStep® Workshop

Focusses, motivates, and aligns your Team on an initiative (concepts, strategies, …..) in one Workshop

3. BigStep® Engine

Makes things happen. Speeds up Execution (guaranteed Execution rate of ~ 90% of measures and projects within 9 months)

The Roles in the BigStep® Workshop:

MCG BigStep® Method

Fields of Application


  • Productivity Improvements and Cost Reduction
  • Utilization of Synergies


  • Implementation of Growth Strategies
  • Acquisitions
  • Organization and Processes

Change and Repositioning

  • Reorganisation and Communication
  • Post Merger Integration


Learn more: Presentation of the BigStep® Method


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