One person waits for the times to change, the other seizes the day and acts.

D. Alighieri

Many companies fail in implementing their initiatives and have a very low execution rate of their action/project plans respectively.

The Problem

Many Strategies, Concepts, Ideas and Action Plans but little results.

On the one hand Strategies and Concepts developed by the Top-Management Team are not implemented throughout the organization on the other hand Action Plans of small Project Teams don’t have the support of the Top Management and are never realized.

A German Survey amongst Top Managers comes to the conclusion, that only 43% are satisfied with the project selection and only 31% are happy with the quality of project execution. The reasons behind that are e.g. lack of resources, bad communication, organizational deficiencies or missing prioritization.

What are the underlying reasons that initiatives fail?

  • Deeper understanding in the organization is missing.
  • Critical mass is not reached.
  • The expertise of the employees is not retrieved.
  • The improvement process is being applied incorrectly.

Summary: A sustainable Implementation Process, starting with the Selection of the right Projects and ending with a successful completion of the Projects, is missing.

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