• Erich Guttmann, CCO at Gabriel Chemie Group

    We presently look at an increase in sales of more than 18% compared to last years’ revenue. This has more than filled our expectations. Besides that, we could improve our Group EBIT by more than 3%!

  • Georg Heftberger, CFO Greiner Bio One

    "We have implemented about 90% of our defined projects and measures and have even exceeded our target of profitability increase of 3 M. Euro on a full year base, therefore I am very satisfied. For me BigStep® is an implementation machinery with execution guarantee and furthermore it perfectly supports the management to align the staff. I see the BigStep® Method not only as an efficient method to execute projects and measures, but also as a leadership tool."

  • Erich Guttmann, Chief Commercial Officer Gabriel Chemie

    „We have achieved a lot with the BigStep® Method. I am enthusiastic about how all participants worked on a common solution. Now we have to execute the agreed projects and measures. To ensure the execution we cooperate with MCG, because of their experience and a proven process in implementing strategies.“

  • Stefan Hessmann, Managing Director KAESER Kompressoren Austria

    "I was very satisfied with the results of the BigStep® Workshop. I do not know any other Method where on the one hand concrete projects and measures are defined and on the other hand our employees buy in in one Workshop into this initiative."

  • Martin Offenbecher, Head of Bearing Type Development and Industrialization, Miba Gleitlager

    "In the R&D of Miba Gleitlager we put our faith in the Six Sigma Trainings of MCG. By that, we have deepened our facts and figures based work and we are able to make our decisions on more objective factors. Beyond that, we had some special trainings e.g. Design of Experiments, meaning experimental planning so we could carry out our experiments more effective and efficient. Through the mix of content-wise input, practical-based examples and discussions MCG has a good standing within the company. Most of our trainees use the Six Sigma Method regularly."

  • Christian Lembacher, PhD - Q-Manager, Electrovac Metall - Glaseinschmelzungs GmbH

    “In the course of the Black Belt training course run by MCG, I was able to gain detailed insight into the Six Sigma tool box. Frequent application of the various Lean Six Sigma tools made the Six Sigma methodology an essential element of my work and has had a lasting influence on my way of thinking.”

  • Rainer Lichtenberger, Member of the Management Board of Dietzel GmbH

    “Six Sigma has fundamentally changed the way we work. Process improvement projects are driven by numbers, data and facts, and they are evaluated in accordance with criteria such as net benefit (€) or increased customer benefit. Our calculations put the benefit derived from the first Six Sigma projects in the region of € 150,000, which shows that investing in Six Sigma was well worth it.”

  • Dieter Thumfart, COO of Electrovac Metall – Glaseinschmelzungs GmbH

    “For some considerable time we had been searching for structured methods of analysing and improving processes. Finally, the Six Sigma methodology turned out to be precisely what we had been looking for. Here, methodical use of data is linked to a structured execution of projects. Comprehensive training sessions guaranteed shared insight for the staff as to how process improvements or process developments have to be conducted in order to be successful.”

  • Bruno Lindorfer, Managing Director TMG

    „The BigStep® Method has really surprised me. If you put 32 employees into a workshop there will still be a little question mark in terms of efficiency. BigStep® leads, free of hierarchy and role-based, to the main key topics and creates a challenging program/plan for our long-term targets.”

  • Johann Kappacher, PhD., Leader Senco R&D/Senoplast

    “The days invested have paid off as the ROI of 10:1 shows. Our employees have besides successfully finishing projects with a net benefit of € 135.000 also improved their skills with Six Sigma and Lean Management tools.“

  • Christoph Bichl, Head of Production, Novomatic/AGI

    „Within only 3 months we had completed our project „Optimization of the Production Process“ in cooperation with MCG. We could reduce our lead times by 75%, reduce the shop floor space needed by 50% and reduce the assembly time per unit by more than 50%. Overall, we saved a lot of costs and achieved a Return on Investment of 1:11!“

  • Markus Ber, Managing Director Miba Sinter Austria

    „The BigStep® Workshop absolutely fulfilled our expectations. The resulting measures and projects have the potential to increase our profitability. Through the continuous monitoring of the project progresses we are confident to manage our defined potentials. Not least because of the integration of our employees into the implementation process through different functions and hierarchical levels.“

  • Thomas Fenzl, Managing Director Miba Sinter Austria

    "The implementation rate of our defined projects is about satisfactory 80 – 90 %, 10 months after our BigStep® Workshop. We were able to save € 3 m based on conservative and pragmatic assumptions."

  • Rudolf Rauss, PhD, CEO Monier Brass

    "We were able to reach the following targets for the year 2011, without any big investments: reduction of loading errors by about 20%, reduction of data coverage and coverage errors by about 25%, reduction of complaints due to breakage by about 18% and reduction of loading time by about 18%."

  • Markus Ber, MBA, COO Miba Frictec Group

    "After we decided to introduce Six Sigma as our Improvement Tool MCG trained 30 employees as Green Belts and 9 employees as Black Belts within the last year. The executed projects, in the context of the training allows us to view the future with confidence concerning the Six Sigma Method and its results."

  • Peter Steigenberger, Managing Director Dietzel GmbH

    "The BigStep® Method gave our company a real motivational boost. All were participating actively and brought in their statements for the project implementation. All in one, it was a very successful initiative."

  • Johann Heissinger, CPO of AGI/Novomatic

    „It is a big challenge to work with such a large group in parallel on a variety of key topics. We had treated this topic with respect and consideration in advance. The BigStep® Workshop exceeded my expectations.“