• € 3 M Cost Reduction with BigStep® at Miba Sinter Austria

    10 months after the BigStep® Workshop the current execution rate of the defined projects and measures is between 80% and 90% and has increased profitability by more than € 3 M.

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  • "In the R&D of Miba Gleitlager we put our faith in the Six Sigma Trainings of MCG. By that, we have deepened our facts and figures based work and we are able to make our decisions on more objective factors. Beyond that, we had some special trainings e.g. Design of Experiments, meaning experimental planning so we could carry out our experiments more effective and efficient. Through the mix of content-wise input, practical-based examples and discussions MCG has a good standing within the company. Most of our trainees use the Six Sigma Method regularly."

    Martin Offenbecher, Head of Bearing Type Development and Industrialization, Miba Gleitlager

  • „The BigStep® Workshop absolutely fulfilled our expectations. The resulting measures and projects have the potential to increase our profitability. Through the continuous monitoring of the project progresses we are confident to manage our defined potentials. Not least because of the integration of our employees into the implementation process through different functions and hierarchical levels.“

    Markus Ber, Managing Director Miba Sinter Austria

  • "The implementation rate of our defined projects is about satisfactory 80 – 90 %, 10 months after our BigStep® Workshop. We were able to save € 3 m based on conservative and pragmatic assumptions."

    Thomas Fenzl, Managing Director Miba Sinter Austria

  • "After we decided to introduce Six Sigma as our Improvement Tool MCG trained 30 employees as Green Belts and 9 employees as Black Belts within the last year. The executed projects, in the context of the training allows us to view the future with confidence concerning the Six Sigma Method and its results."

    Markus Ber, MBA, COO Miba Frictec Group