Do the right things right.

QFD helps you to translate the ‘voice of the customer’ into the quality features of products, processes or services. Not the possible but the required features are incorporated into the product Discover the critical paths in product development.

Procedures within the framework of QFD deployment

  • From customer statements to product requirements.
  • What do customers regard as important?
  • Defining technical functions.
  • Balancing functions against customer requirements
  • Benchmarking vis-à-vis the most important competitors
  • Defining USP and the desired value profile
  • Technical benchmarking vis-à-vis the competition
  • Deducing development potential
  • Assessing conflicting goals in the technical field


  • MCG Delphi Automitive
  • Electrovac_MCG
  • Greiner Bio-One GBO MCG BigStep
  • MCG Miba
  • W&P Zement MCG