According to a Harvard Survey a well-trained and motivated sales force can increase turnover by up to 25%!
Today’s market place is highly competitive buyers seem to want more and more and want to pay less and less! The Negotiation and Sales Training Courses from MCG will help to increase sales, gain more customers, overcome objections, and grow your business with professionalism and enthusiasm.

We at MCG believe in the following success formula:

Success = Product Acceptance + Sales Skills + Sales Effort

Providing sales training plays besides individual coaching a paramount role in helping sales representatives to improve the selling skills and motivate them to ramp up their sales efforts. According to a Harvard Survey a well-trained and motivated sales force can increase turnover by up to 25%.
Our customized Negotiation & Sales Training Courses help sharpen the skills of even experienced sales reps enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand business. Together with our clients we evaluate the sales competencies of the sales force in order to design a tailor-made Course Program.

Our didactic concept – We use “learning by doing” training methodology to support behavior change through interactive training. Using customized cases and exercises, we ensure that participants apply the skills and strategies learned and receive intensive coaching and feedback. We utilize role plays, drills, in-the-action feedback and so on. We supplement learning by doing with some other teaching strategies, including small group discussion, drills, flip chart development to capture participant opinions and ideas, and limited Power Point slides.

Our sales beliefs!

  • Do great work!
  • Go the extra mile because it’s seldom crowded!
  • Success consists from going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. (W. Churchill)

The Main Topics!

  • Fundamentals in Sales – Psychology….
  • Prospecting (Target accounts, potential customers)
  • Getting Prepared to make a Sales call (Contact Person, Buying Center…)
  • Creative Openings (Referral openings, Warming up cold calls,…)
  • Needs Analysis (active listening, non-directive method, restating and paraphrasing)
  • Delivering perfect presentations that sell (Features and benefits to customer needs, outlining your unique selling proposition)
  • Handling objections (Common types of Objections, Strategies)
  • Closing the Sale (Understanding when it’s time to close, Powerful closing techniques)
  • I-Selling – Internet footprint, selling in the “Information Age”, LinkedIn, Blogs, Videos, White Papers, Expert Status…)
  • Managing your sales funnel (Prospect to customer)
  • Managing your Data


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