Increasing sales productivity by an average of 30%

Consistent process orientation can dramatically improve sales productivity.

Which has been shown by international studies which suggest sales growth rates of 30% on average (Source: Harvard Business Manager, April 2007)

In essence, it is about enhancing three qualities: 1) level of information and competence among salespeople, 2) viewing sales as a process (new customer acquisition, customer care, up-selling, cross selling, etc.), 3) quality of information processing (customer call reports, customer and prospects data base, market and competitive environment information)

By means of introducing a sales quality indicator it is possible to identify best practice and to modify the activities of sales staff accordingly.

Ten Commandments to improve sales productivity

  • Picking the right sales force
  • Continuous sales personnel training
  • Segmenting customers
  • Preparing for sales talks
  • Quality time with the customer
  • Standardising the most important sales processes
  • Process-oriented cooperation between sales force, office personnel and marketing
  • Process-oriented payments scheme
  • Digital information: access and processing
  • You get what you inspect, not what you expect.


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