Six Sigma – The Breakthrough Method

Benefit from the process improvement methodology which Jack Welch implemented with signal success at General Electric to enhance efficiency across the whole range of processes.

Six Sigma is a process improvement method which – driven by statistics – brings to light improvement potential and, by following a defined problem-solving path, quickly (mostly in 3 – 4 months) leads to definite improvements with regard to net benefit and customer satisfaction.

Working closely with you, we solve concrete problems, not on the basis of assumptions but based on numbers, data and facts.


  • Define: Defining project objectives, the process, and client expectations with regard to process outcome. At this stage, everything that is already known about the process to be improved is taken into account.
  • Measure: Drafting the survey design and outlining the current situation
  • Analyze: Identifying the true causes of the problem
  • Improve: Exploring and implementing solutions as well as establishing a monitoring schedule
  • Control: Ensuring that problems can be solved for good and that the new methods can be further optimised over time.


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